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About the coaching
From my childhood I always was curious about how everything works, how our minds are functioning , how to find the answers to all the questions and how to live a harmonious life with myself and with other people

After plenty of books I decided to study coaching in the Russian coaching academy, it was the year 2020, and it changed my life dramatically. At that time I started creating my own business in a new country , it was not easy financially and mentally; I was worried a lot.
Yoga helped me to be calm and good in my body and mind.

Becoming a coach helped me to understand how I can manage my life and my conditions in the best way I can do right now, how to be ok, when there are not an easy moments, how to reach my goals with no doubts and how to build nice relationships with myself, my family and people surrounding me.
Yoga and Coaching are all about mind-body connection. About our mental and physical. When we think too much we forget that most of the information we already have in our own body. And most of the answers we already have inside us and we need to find the way how to use it.

Coaching is so powerful
that even after a one hour session it can dramatically change your life
and help you to change your perspective, your vision on lots of things
When we are too much in our bodies, we need to turn more our rational mindset and to make more structure.
All is about the balance. And knowing technics. No magic or esoteric here.
This is what I practice myself and what I teach.

In my personal daily practice I use both Yoga and Coaching and I am happy to have the possibility to share my knowledge with people
Setting up goals and the plan to reach it
Finding motivation
Progressing in your life personal and business
People come to my coaching sessions with the below kind of demands and you can come too
Understanding your values, finding self confidence and acceptance of yourself
Finding your life mission & destination
Solving a conflict
Changing some of your believes to move forward
Finding your resources
Going through your fears towards your dreams, goals, daily objectives
Finding your energy
Changing your life
Helping you to set goals to move forward and so on
Welcome to the online coaching session with me
coaching session of one hour
Sessions are in Russian, English and French language
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pack of 4 coaching session 4h
Contract work: we set up a goal and follow it step by step

Sessions are in Russian, English and French language
€ 205
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