Marathon ONLINE "Summer Energy"

I'm in shape!


Do you want to pull yourself up, recharge with cool energy and my daily support?

I, Maria, invite you to the Marathon online.

In 12 days, together with you, we will pump the Body and not only.

In the program: Yoga Workout and Animal Flow.

10 workouts live and recorded.

Useful tips and coaching techniques.

Nutrition advices and healthy habits.

Breathing exercises.

Positive charge.

A chat with support and communication with like-minded people.

Your Coaches:

Marie Zavarina - Marathon Creator, Yoga Instructor and Life Coach

And Anna - Animal Flow Guest Coach

30 minutes in a Day
12 days
About the Marathon

Do you want to start your morning with a positive charge and an effective workout?

Welcome! in Marathon Energy of Spring with Maria.

Morning workouts or any time on record for 30 minutes - 5 times a week

Training 1 hour - on the weekend

Useful healthy lifestyle recommendations

Nutrition advices and practices

Breathing practices

Coaching techniques and self-development exercises (see participation formats)

Daily chat support of like-minded people (see participation formats)

Feedback (see participation formats)

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